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tv   ABC 7 News  KOFY  September 14, 2010 10:30am-11:00am PST

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friends hi for me. ♪ [ femalennouncer ] high speed internet from at&t. ♪ >> good morning. the u.c. berkeley graduate is finally free after a lot of political turmoil in iran and will reunite with her moth soon. >> jenelle wang has been following the story all morning. she joins us with the latest on sarah shou release. just took off from the airport in tehran. on her way to the neighboring couny where her mother is already waiting for her. shourd is in good condition despite being in an iran prison 14 months. >> iran released one of the three american citizens detained
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in 2009. >> 410 days of solitary confinement over for california native sarah shourd. >> i want to offer my thanks to everyone in the world, all of the governments, all of the people of that been involved and especially paicularly want to degrees mahmoud ahmadinejad and all the iran officials for their gesture. i'm very humbled. >> officials y a $500,000 bail was paid. some papers were signed and th 32-year-old was officially free from an iraan prison. >> th money was ther and the judge issued the release order and ms. shourd was simply set free and can leave iran if she >> trave companion shane bauer and josh fattal are still in
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prison. all te famils are relieved and overjoyed sar has been releas. we're heartbrok shane and josh have been denied their freedom for no just cause. they were capturedn july 2009 after crossing the border in northern iraq and iran. iran accused them of spying and illegally enterin the country. fair families insist they were just hiking and crossed the border accident thereby. her mother says shour has a precancerous condition. no word when she will be back on american soil but soon. >> the white house released a statemnt. while she has been released the two remain prisoners. we main hopeful iran will demonstrate the new compassion by insung shane, josh and all
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other detained americans in iran. iran said that the half a milln bail had to be paid in cash. no word o made that payment. >> jenelle, thanks very much. dozens of list and firighters remain on th scene today after last thursday's deadly explosion and fire in san bruno. they're looking for a cause and police are providing security. terry mcsweeney joins us from that devastated area. terry, the coroner's office confirmed yet another victim today. >> that's right the official announcement came within the past hour that the fourth deceit result of this fire is 81-year-old elizabeth torres. her faly confide that informati to abc 7 news last week. as you can see behi me, you have a lot of emergency crews on the scene. fire trucks are here, a police department all over san mateo county. pg&e crews and progress in some area is being made. all but 14 of the homes have gas and electricity. that's excluding the 59
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red-tagged homes, homes unfit to live in. why that pipe blew up creating a fireball and bursting the water main, the investigation contues. pg&e has made $100 million available to the people out here to be used for insurance deductibles or for those who had no insurance and that is going to be available tomorrow or the next day. pg&e answering questions about the health of california's infstructure, people wondering what happened here could happen where they live. pg&e is trying to keep up with the demand but it's quite a demand. >> we constantly reevaluate our system. we spend tens to millions to replace as needed the various facets and continue to do that as we look at our system, look at the age, look at the changing territory that we serve from the oregon border down to bakersfield. >> and more help is on the way. state senator leland yee who represents this area is proposing legislation that includes tax breaks for affected families, propey tax loss,
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reimbursement for the county and other considerations dennis hague said it is possible that the red-tagged homes will be released back to the homeowners. those folks did receive a bus tour of e area recently but today they may be allow to get back to whatev it is that remains of their home. one last note. this was a mutual aid situation, and a number of people have commented to me how many police departments are still on the scene out here. all over san mateo count pacifica, daly city, san carlos. the bay area all pulling together to try to get through this tragedy. terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> thanks, terry. and if there's another massive disaster like the one in san bruno, should pg&e customers have to pay for any costs not covered by the utility's insurance? a questi state regulators are takg an initially look at right now. theresa garci is live at the
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public utilities commission meeting in san francco. theresa? >> well, the proposed plan is to require customerso pay any of the costs not recoupable by those utility companies. but this morning a pg&e spokesperson conrmed the utility company will not put the san bruno explosion and fire into this category that would require t cost to be paid by the customers. so this morning here in san francisco the state public utilities commission began its first hearing into a proposal that would require customers to pay all costs of wildfire damages that exceed a utilits insurance coverage. the proposal was introduced last year by the state's three major utility companies, southern california edison, pg&e and the san diego gas and electric company. it was submitted in respons to the massive wild fires in san diego county in 2007. the utilities say it needs to be able to recoup costs from
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consumers because disaster insuranceas become more expensive. premiums increased 300% after those 2007 fires. insurance companies are not willing to insure for as much as ideally needed. >> ther's a number of reasons. one is that the cost of insurance has risen significantly. and this is -- so it basically is be prepared in case there is a catastrophic wildfi anywhere in california. so at we have the mechanism to keep r business going. >> it' a futile effort to try and have all the ra payers to become a ji bega nick insurance company to cover risk that the insurance companies aren't willi to cover. if they're not insurable why would we have the rate payers cover the risk why wouldn't we change the way we operat to reduce the risk. >> proponentses are concerned it
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would increase the risk of fires by reducing utilities incentive to maintain safe condition they say the financial burden should fall on utility shareholders, not the rate payers. again, this morning pg&e confirmed with me they believe it's $1 billion worth of fire insurancecoverage will cover the san bruno-related disaster costs. i said well what if it doesn? they said in that case, they, they could apply to the cpuc for a temporary rate increase to recoup those costs but it wouldn't fall under this fire proposal. theresa garcia, abc 7 news. >> experts warn the pipeline explosion may be the latest example of a growing risk created by ailing infrastructure. failing infrastructure nationwide utilies have been under increasing pressure to better inspect and replace aging pipes. many laid down years before the sprawling communities were built right on top of them. the pipe in san bruno is more
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than 50 years old. critics are long warned the possibility of catastrophic failures. they have 2,840 significant gas pipeline accidents since 1990. more than a third caused death or serious injury. in 2002 congress passed the first law requiring utilities to inspect pipelines ruing through heavily populated areas. since then more than 3,000 problems were identified. >> the san franciscoiants are expecting a capacity cro at tonight's game against the los angeles dodgers and it will help benefit the victims of the san bruno fire. the team is donating $3 of every ticket sold at at&t par to a victims fund. the giants are in a first-place tie with the padres aft beatinghem in san diego sunday. the giants will honor the fire victims in a special pre-game
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ceremony toght and help collt donations from fans attending t game. >> coming up, a coast guard rescue in richmond. one man in the hospital after a boat hits the rocks. >> did apple's co see jobs really try to carry a ninja weapon on a plane? weapon on a plane? the conflicting repots later as governor, he cut waste goto budgets were balance $4 billion in tax cuts. rld class schools and universities. clean energy promoted. 1.9 million new jobs created california was working. i'm jerry brn. california needs major changes. we have to live within our means;e have to return power and decision makinto the local level-closer to the people and no new taxes without voter approval. jerry browthe knowledge and know-how to get california working again.
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(saking in international language) and he said unto them go ye to all of the world
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and preachhe gospel each the gospel ♪ ery creature in the world. (applause) . >> a scary morning for fisherman
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on a boat that crash in the richmond marina. the boat obviously upside down, one man was hurt after being thrown into the water. a nearby tugboat rescued him and he was taken to the hospital. the other three okay, a little cold. they wt albacore fishing when they hit the rotten jetty and the boat started taking on water. >> the port of richmond they're celebrating the retur of american honda motor company. they import cars at the port. it creates 200 jobs and is projected tbring some $85 million in new revenue to the city. the first shipment of cars arrive in april. officials with honda and the city of richmond will highlight the port of eny project today which is designed to generate as we mtioned $85 million to the economy over the next 15 year >> president obama told school
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children they are the only ones who direct their destiny. the message in philadelphia. he told students their future is in their own hands and nothing is beyond their reach. >> keept up. all of you i know are going to do great things in the future, and maybe sometime in the 21 century it's goin to be one of you standing up here speaking to a group of kids as president of the unit states. >> the president was raised by a single mother and often woke up before dawn to do homework together. he told school kids their job is show up to school on time, pay attention in class, do their homework, study for tests a stay out of trouble. >> ki in school today getting a little time on the playground. >> this helps with our airport delays. we had delay at sfo. the ceilings looking nice out there. warm up a litt coming our way but you want to stay tuned for a rainy weekend forecast. i have the details. >> all right, lisa. the northern california county
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ready to wait for a new battle over pg&e's smart meters. the
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county survisors are deciding whether to put a hold on the installation of anymore pg&e smart meters. they' vote on a resolution for a moratorium through thend of the year.
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only the unincorporated areas of the county. the community has questions about the radiation emitted by smart meters. they want a team to study th data and have pg&e pay for it. watsonvie and fairfax and marin county have had similar moratoriums. >> the council will propose whether the high-speed rail should be built aboveground or underground. the san jose mercury news says city staff is recommending an aerial track for the rail. it could be built in three to five years but it would be noisier than an underground tunnel. theunnel takes seven years or more to build and would cost five tes more at $2.5 billion. >> san fncisco supervisors will vote on a measure today that coulddrive up the price of alcohol. distributors, wholesalers and brew pubs will be required to pay an extra 35 cents for gallon of beer. a dollar for a gallon of wine and $3.20 for a gallon of hard
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liquo to would raise $16 million a year to reimburse the ci for medica care, drunk driving arrts, treatment programs and otheralcoholelated services. newsom has threatened a veto. the restaurant served about 600 people a day. thanks o publicity on the travel cnnel and various magazines. but neighbors cplained about the long lines, the noise and the trash and even muchly ike's was evicted. a new shop just opened on the stanford campus. long lines, i heard. >> and planning to open other locations as well so not the end of ike's. we see sunshine early on in the morning. >> yes. but this is the last weekend of summer. next week. and rain, can you believe it. it wn't a summer so nothing would surprise us, right? does look nice out there. we have sunny conditions from our south beach came but
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temperatures are still a little on th cool side. and where we've had the clouds, it's really chilly in the north bay. elsewhere arnd the bay, clouds are scattering out so it's looking better and better throughout the afternoon. the next several days do look actually pretty nice. 68 antioch, 61 oakland, 59 san francisco. here's where it's cloy, napa, santa rosa, only mid-50s in novato but you too will enjoy a sunny and mild afternoon. some areas in the south bay where you brightened up earlier, mountain view, fremont. san francisco oar you're even a little warmer around the bay generally 3 to 5 degrees warmer, continued mild days through thursday. rain chances in the north bay friday spreading southward all the way to santa cruz and monterey through sunday. here's the way it looks now. the southern clouds from watson vil to monterey, also in the north bay but also looking pretty good. temperatures a little below average but with this ridge of high pressure, we'll gain 2 to 3
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degrees each day starting tomorro so today maybe 4 or 5 degree jump and then settling into the mid-80s in our inland valleys. but look at this. it really is developing offsre, gathering strength. and it will be several areas of low pressure, pieces of energy that wanna rotate around this low. and they are headed towards california. here's the way it looks friday into saturday. now, looks like the best chance of showers in the north bay begins late friday but by overnight saturday looks like the east bay could see a few light showers. late saturday into sunday looks like san francisco pointsouth could see a chance of shows. so watch the forecast. looking at light rain, nothing big. but still enough to pay attention for mid-september. 75 san jose, 68 menlo park and redwood city. with that sunine a little cool in the city but it will brighten up into the mid-60s downtown at south city.
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77 in sonoma near east bay. upper 60s to mid-70s for newark and frent today. the warmest numbers here, upper 70s to low 80s. looks like we hold on to some mild afternoons throuout the week. 65 watsonvle with the clouds clearing the next hour or so. here'she seven-day forecast. the next several days look pretty nice. and ten you notice friday, saturday and sunday i've got a chance of showers in there. after five months of below normal temperatures, i don't think anybody is really surprised. >> all right, lisa, thk you. >> well, apple is working on an upded version of the i-pad that will have a video camera and a way to host video conferens. a feature that's alread on the i-phone 4. apple insider said the new models could come out by the holiday shopping season. more aple news ahead. what it the company saying after a report claims steve jobs trying to carry ninja weapons through airport security.
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>> today on oprah at 4:00, wynona judd shows how she survived the ultimate betrayal. u.s. berkeley graduate sarah shourd has land free from iran after 14 months in prison. she will reunite th her mother. we'll show you that reunion at 5:00. one of the country's best chefs and an east bay chef makes the
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cut. what makes his restaurant so unique. >> finly apple is denying reports that its co-founder steve jobs was stopped the airport for trying to take ninja weapons on to his plane. >> his own plane. in july security at an airport detected ninja throwing stars inside jobs' carry on luggage. >> according to the report jobs told officls it wouldn't make sense for a person to try to hijac his own plane, as you mentioned. >> and vowed he'd come back to japan. >> they came back this morning calling the report pure anks fo >> "whwants to be a millionaire" coming up next. millionaire" coming up next. >> see
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